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SABS AGENT is the market leader in Internet based Viewdata search engine technology, enabling retail agents to not only access Viewdata in an Internet based environment but also initiate lightning fast multi operator searches - dramatically increasing the speed a leisure travel enquiry can be converted into a confirmed Viewdata booking

S.A.B.S. (the name is simply an abbreviation of  ‘Search, Availability & Booking System’) enables staff to search the SABS database  which contains millions of package holidays and charter flights. The database cache is constantly updated with the latest travel availability and prices from virtually every leading tour operator in the UK. If no matches are found in the cache the search can be extended live via Viewdata to multiple operators in real time.  The unique way SABS receives and stores data,  means that options and prices from multiple suppliers can be instantly compared

SABS AGENT subscribers log into the SABS system from any available Internet connection, (there’s nothing installed on their PC - so they can access the system from any PC anywhere in the world),  enter their clients requirements in the online search form. interrogate the results and automate a confirmed booking if required

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SABS AGENT Additional Features ~ Terms & Conditions & Prices

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Many of the package holiday options found in SABS have the option to  display an attractive electronic brochure page with colour photos and description of amenities and facilities etc. The sample below can be either printed or e-mailed to the client enabling them to instantly see the hotel. This powerful point of sale tool is available FREE to all SABS AGENT subscribers


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The minimum subscription to SABS is 12 months with 90 days notice to terminate thereafter

The first 3 months subscription (referred to as ‘initial deposit charges’) is payable in advance on signing of contract

Ongoing QUARTERLY subscriptions are paid via direct debit from month 4

SABS AGENT pricing is based on a per business basis not per agency location. So for example an agency with 15 shops may require 15 concurrent users irrespective of how many staff were based at any given site. This would however allow any 15 staff members to access S.A.B.S. simultaneously regardless of which office they were at. SABS AGENT can be accessed from any PC anywhere in the world subject to suitable internet connection

Retail Agent Pricing ~ Please call us to discuss your requirements and request a free demo password

Corporate Multi Users ~ 10 + Users (minimum) - Please call for multi User discount offers

Optional Extras

Dolphin low cost and budget airline search results 

These can be included at a cost of £20.00 per month

This fee covers first 2000 searches + first 5 x low cost / budget airline bookings in any one month

Bookings 6+ incur an additional service charge of £2.00 per booking

additional searches (2000+) incur a service fee of £0.01p

All prices are plus VAT.

(NB This list is not definitive as new operators are constantly being added)

Trailstream Electronic Brochures

This brochure feed is available as an optional extra (in addition to the free brochure data) at a cost of £4.00 p.m.

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