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You can now create your own 'Dynamic Package' within SABS enabling you to tailor a unique itinerary by sourcing holiday accommodation and then adding suitable flights from the operator of your choice , car hire , transfers etc.

In this example we are starting with an accommodation search

Each element is saved to the clients 'basket'

Next we might perform an accompanying flight search

Our search returned the charter flights above

However if you subscribe to the low cost / budget airline feed (an optional SABS add on)
you may wish to compare the charter price with a low cost alternative before making a final choice

The '+' symbol to the right of any result will always display more information about the option (see below)

As before save the desired flight to your basket

The contents of the itinerary basket can then be booked
or indexed and stored in your SABS profile for subsequent retrieval

Previously stored dynamic packages are retrieved using either the 'Recent baskets' (last 24 hours) option
 or the 'Basket Manager' containing all saved baskets

Booking Process

Once all the items have been added to the basket, you are able to begin a quick costing. To begin click on the “confirm availability and price” icon.

Once the quick costing is complete, the new price will appear. For a full breakdown of the quick costing, click on the ‘show itinerary’ icon.

Once the client is happy with the price, you can then move to the next stage of the booking process. Once the costing has been confirmed a ‘continue booking’ icon will appear. The icon will appear on the menu bar and also next to each individual item. You are able to continue booking each individual item or have the option to choose all.

Once the ‘continue booking’ process is complete, the ‘book this item’ icon will appear. You are now able to complete the booking process by clicking on the icon.

Once the booking is complete, each item will state booking successful. A reference will appear. The customer will be sent a confirmation email. To view the confirmed booking details click ‘show itinerary’ icon

The itinerary may be printed off to given to the customer.

Please contact us if you would like to explore the Dynamic Packaging potential
of Sabs Agent 2 via a Live demo log in

Click Here To Email Us     Telephone 01202 519415

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